Welcome to King Street Online!

We are a group of Christians who follow God's word in it's purity and simplicity. If you are looking for a Bible following church where EVERYONE is important then come and visit us soon!

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                 Regular schedule of services

                  *Sunday 10 am - Bible class                                           *Sunday 11 am - Worship                                                *Wednesday 7 - Bible class


                    Sunday morning  - Ephesians

                     Wednesday night - Romans

Children - All Things Made New    



      If you are looking for a church

•Where you can meet new friends and get to know your neighbors!                                                         

•Where you can learn about God and His will for men and women today through Bible classes that are designed for adults, teenagers, middle and elementary and pre-school age children!                                                                                                                                                     •Where you can worship God only as the Bible commands and go through the rest of your week encouraged, knowing that God cares for you!  

     Then let me recommend King Street to YOU!

  Come and be a part of something special!